Nieuw in de collectie

Dit onderstaand overzicht laat de nieuwe CD/DVD's zie van de afgelopen vier weken. Laatst bijgewerkt op 9 november 2018.

Artiest Titel Aankoopdatum
Hatzigiannis, Mihalis 7 11-10-18
Cat power Wanderer 12-10-18
Anouk Wen d'r mar aan 12-10-18
King, Marcus -band- Carolina confessions 13-10-18
Butler, John -trio- Home 13-10-18
Mc anuff, Winston & Fixi Big Brothers 13-10-18
Yob our raw heart 19-10-18
Slash Living the dream 19-10-18
Vile, Kurt Bottle it in 19-10-18
Southern empire Civilisation 19-10-18
Phosphorescent C'es la vie 26-10-18
Costello, Elvis & Imposters Look now 26-10-18
Haken Vector 26-10-18
Waters, Roger Soldier's tale 26-10-18
Psychedelic suns Distant light 26-10-18
Ribot, Marc Songs of resistance 26-10-18
Brother Dege Farmer's almanac 31-10-18
Brother Dege Scorched earth policy 31-10-18
My baby Mounaiki- by the... 02-11-18
Olney, David This side or the other 02-11-18
Hiatt, John Eclipse sessions 02-11-18
Hinson, Micah p When i shoot at you 02-11-18
Banks, Jacob Village 02-11-18
Exit north Book of romance and dust 02-11-18
Kidjo, angelique Remain in light 02-11-18
King buffalo Longing to the mountain 02-11-18
Paradox twin Importance of Mr Bedlam 07-11-18
Wild romance No Time 07-11-18
Dead can dance Dionysus 09-11-18